Les Sublimants

Beauty-boosting body treatments

Four beautifying body treatments adapted to each part of the body: an express 30-minute version, short 45-minute version, or a complete one hour version:

♢ Gommages Sublimants, an exfoliating treatment that comes in three different textures suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

♢ Sublimant du Dos, a beautifying treatment for the back. Reduces the appearance of existing imperfections and prevents new ones from appearing.

♢ Sublimant des Mains, a beautifying treatment for hands. Nourishes, softens, and beautifies the hands, reducing the appearance of age spots.

♢ Sublimant des Pieds, a beautifying treatment for the feet. Makes the skin more supple, boosts microcirculation, nourishes and strengthens nails. 

Ideal for

All skin types



Beauty care program

Depending on selected treatment

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Beautifying effect on the skin.


On-demand formulas with 30-minute, 45-minute, and one hour versions.

Star actives

Depending on selected treatment:

Shea butter

Osmanthus essential oil

Myrrh and amyris extracts

Rice, hazelnut, and almond oils


Rhodochrosite extract


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