The PAYOT universe

The PAYOT research laboratory

« A rational formulation potentiates asset performance and sensorial dimension of our products to satisfy women » Ilana Fartouk, R&D PAYOT Manager


It’s a dedicated team of passionate experts who unravel the secrets of skin. Together they unravel the secrets of the skin and the mysteries of the cells to develop products which respond to genuine beauty concerns and needs. They comply with a precise and rigorous PAYOT charter, and real
founding commitments.

Based in Paris, the laboratory brings together researchers and scientists who have created a genuine Dermo-Cosmetic branch: high-tech equipment, internationallyfocused development and a rigorous selection of key active ingredients for effectiveness and sensoriality.

Rational formulation 

Product performance is always proved by clinical studies carried out under dermatological control or consumer tests that evaluate women’s satisfaction. The active ingredients are drawn from within the environment in which they thrive, be it nature or biotechnology. All skincare products are formulated with ingredients, some of them patented, that have been carefully and meticulously selected for absolute effectiveness and tolerance.

Affirmed sensoriality

All skincare products are developed to awaken the senses and give optimal pleasure of use; their textures carefully selected and prepared to better correspond to customers’ desires and lifestyles.

Creative sharing

Our teams of formulators work in close partnership on-site with the innovation branch that creates the products.This intellectual competition and physical proximity stimulates our creative forces to constantly innovate and invent, and also enables exceptional speed of execution.


Performance and sensoriality

Several selection processes of assets, formulations and reformulations are essential to develop the best cosmetics. If each product meets PAYOT efficiency and security objectives, all formulations are also thought for the uniqueness of each woman.

PAYOT does not practice tests on animals and thus meets the European legislation which prohibits the use of such methods.

The PAYOT universe

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