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Body Élixir

Huile Élixir, incomparable care with a unique scent that enhances the whole body.

This voluptuous essence is based on the aromachology of Myrrh and Amyris notes to relax and reawaken all the senses.

On the strength of its success, this best seller includes two complementary products, a full beauty routine that enhances the body and relaxes the mind for a simply extraordinary experience.

Coffret Rituel Douceur

Crème Sublime Élixir & Huile de Douche Relaxante

Crème Sublime Élixir

Firming body care

Gommage Or Élixir

Enhancing gold body scrub

Huile Élixir

Oil with extracts of myrrh and amyris

Brume Sublimante Élixir

Moisturising tanning care