Suprême Jeunesse, a concentrate of anti-aging strength

Suprême Jeunesse by PAYOT, four extremely effective skincare products to correct the strain on the natural defences responsible for skin ageing.

Suprême Jeunesse by PAYOT, four extremely effective skincare products to correct the strain on the natural defences responsible for skin ageing.

The range - four global anti-ageing face care products


Four cutting-edge formulas that compensate for overworked natural defences and concentrate innovative age-defying actions to effectively fight the signs of aging: wrinkles, slackening skin, dark spots, muddy complexion, and dehydration.

Youth-enhancing global care

Youth-replenishing global care

Youth-boosting global care

Youthful eye contour global care

Visible results 

  • Wrinkles: -29%* 
  • Firmness: +25%*
  • Even complexion: 91%**

Clinical study under dermatological control.

* On 21 subjects. Daily application of SUPRÊME JEUNESSE NUIT for 28 days. Self-assessment.
* On 23 subjects. Twice-daily application of SUPRÊME JEUNESSE JOUR for 28 days. satisfaction questionnaire.

Youth Process innovation


Inflamm’aging, when stress ages us more quickly.

As a confirmation of the two terms “inflammation” and “ageing”, inflamm’aging is none other than skin aging caused by stress in all its forms: oxidative stress, pollution, sunlight, lifestyle, etc.

Just like the body, the skin has its own defence system, which triggers an inflammatory reaction to activate tissue regeneration.

But the body becomes overwhelmed by these many varied and repeated attacks, and develops chronic inflammatory reactions.

Cells can no longer recuperate, causing the aging process to speed up. This leads to the appearance of pronounced wrinkles, slackening skin, dark spots, muddy complexion and dehydration.

The perfect blend between performance and an exceptional product

The culmination of several years' research, PAYOT's Research and Development Laboratory has created Youth Complex technology, the quintessence of all of Payot's anti-ageing expertise.

Our laboratories have drawn the extraordinary benefits of white flowers from nature:


Magnolia and Orchid, a source of ultimate regeneration for the skin.

Our researchers have studied these botanical wonders to better comprehend all of their secrets and identify their exceptional skincare properties. These anti-ageing gems have been selected from over 1,100 different species for their concentrations in active molecules.


Youth innovation, Carcinine [patent]

Protects against oxidative stress by trapping free radicals and repairing the damage they cause, stimulates the production of DNA repair proteins and reduces chronic skin inflammation.

Suprême Jeunesse sensoriality

Payot creates dermo-sensory skincare products to meet the needs of even the most demanding skin and offer an enjoyable user experience.
A silky, velvety, iridescent texture and a delicate floral scent for skin that is beautifully enhanced and protected against the signs of time. 

A word from the expert

Ilana Fartouk

R&D PAYOT Manager


Why use global anti-ageing care?

Ilana Fartouk: With age and their hectic lifestyles, women increasingly need a comprehensive skincare product that acts on all signs: deep wrinkles, loss of density, an uneven complexion. Suprême Jeunesse is the anti-ageing solution that corrects all of these signs and protects the skin's natural defence systems.

What extras does Concentré Suprême Jeunesse offer?

IF: Suprême Jeunesse Concentré serum offers the quintessence of global anti-ageing skincare with an ultra-concentrated formula. Its formula with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid makes it possible to offset the natural reduction in the skin's hyaluronic acid content: it rapidly smoothes wrinkles and adds volume to the face. The presence of vitamin C boosts radiance and evens out the complexion, so as to reduce signs of stress and urban life.

Suprême Jeunesse Concentré may be used on its own or in combination with Suprême Jeunesse Jour or Nuit. Suprême Jeunesse Jour and Concentré make a winning duo for optimal effectiveness.