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An outstanding face and body treatment that combines the best of PAYOT’s expertise to nourish, tone and enhance the skin. The whole precious experience from head to toe, for a sumptuous moment combining the powers of gold and aromatic plants.

Inspired by a tissue oxygenation system, the ÉLIXIR EXPÉRIENCE revitalises and tones the skin in depth, while nourishing it by means of a precious exfoliating scrub with oils and gold particles, as well as a face and body massage using Huile Élixir with its antioxidant properties.

The relaxing body massage restores a sense of lightness to the body by loosening tight muscles and eliminating toxins. A deep-down detox for body and spirit.

The 42-Movement Massage for the face has effective results on the skin. It activates all the internal vascular, respiratory, cutaneous, muscular and lymphatic systems so the body can fully relax.

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The skin is left divinely scented, enhanced with youth and beautifully toned.

Beauty care program

OR ÉLIXIR scrub is applied to the whole body, to prepare the skin for the massage VOYAGE DANS LES FJORDS for your body, then indulge in the 42 MOVEMENT MASSAGE on the face, all performed using the divine HUILE ÉLIXIR, allowing you to drift away in an unforgettable experience.

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