Les Massages Nomades

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As a tribute to Nadia Payot the traveller and adventurer, these 4 hot-oil massages are inspired by the greatest massages in the world to take you on a multi-sensorial journey without leaving the comfort of the treatment booth.

♢ Voyage dans les Fjords, relaxing gentle Swedish-inspired massage (60 minutes).

Restores a sense of lightness to the body by loosening tight muscles and eliminating toxins. A deep-down detox for body and spirit.

♢ Escapade au Cachemire, replenishing rhythmic Ayurvedic-inspired massage (60 minutes).

By focusing on the areas where stress accumulates, this massage improves energy flow. A sense of serenity grows within you, until body and spirit are in harmony once more.  

♢ Évasion polynésienne, relaxing and soothing Lomilomi-inspired massage (60 minutes).

Loosens tensions so you unwind completely. Body and spirit are transported into a state of deep relaxation. The ultimate release.

♢ Aventure balinaise, harmonising and vigorous reflexology-inspired massage (30 minutes).

Helps relieve stress and tension through deep massage of the feet, hands and scalp. Brings the body’s energy back into balance.

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All skin types




Relax every single muscle in the Fjords of Sweden

Replenish your body and mind in Indian Cashmere

Enjoy a moment of intense relaxation in the Polynesian Islands

Bring balance to the senses through the feet, hands and scalp in Bali

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Depending on selected care

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