Which PAYOT anti-aging cream should you choose for your skin?

Are you sure that you really know your skin and the beauty concerns that affect you? Do you know how to find the perfect anti-aging product to completely satisfy you? Focus on anti-aging care!

Wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, a complexion that is becoming dull... Little by little, the skin becomes marked with the signs of time and loses its youthfulness. To stop the skin aging process, skincare products are becoming increasingly technological and each meets quite precise, ever more specific concerns. But are you sure that you really know your skin and the beauty concerns that affect you? Do you know how to find the perfect anti-aging product to completely satisfy you? Focus on anti-aging care!


Firmness: resculpt the beauty triangle

With time, the skin suffers more from slackening: the face's adipose tissue disappears and the features sag. Time hardens negative expressions and facial volumes are inverted: this is the theory of the evolution of the beauty triangle. 

The beauty triangle

The beauty triangle denotes the cheekbones-chin-lower face area.

  • A perfect beauty triangle is characterised by prominent cheekbones and the chin forming a triangle.
  • An inverted beauty triangle is recognisable by marked nasolabial folds and a glabellar line, the jowls form an inverted triangle. Facial volumes are inverted.

In short, the anti-aging skincare to choose:

  • - Fight against a lack of firmness: Perform Lift

  • - Correct wrinkles and fine lines: Techni Liss

  • - First wrinkles skincare: Techni Liss

  • - Multi-action global anti-aging action: Suprême Jeunesse

The skincare products to choose to lift and firm

Redefining the facial contours by targeting tissue slackening at all levels of the skin allows an impressive anti-aging action. Payot has created the Perform Lift range that targets a lack of firmness. At the heart of the Perform Lift skincare formulas: peptides that play a role in the dermo-epidermal junction, hyaluronic acid that acts on the surface for a lifting effect, and peony extract for a plumping action, to compensate for the loss of structure and fight skin slackening. 

Fight effectively against wrinkles and fine lines

Whatever our age, we are all looking to erase the wrinkles and fine lines that betray and niggle at us and to recover a complexion with a youthful glow. So, to avoid turning to injections or other procedures, we share our beauty secrets and the latest cosmetic advances are at the heart of our conversations...

While some are leaning towards cosmeceuticals, the new generation of highly effective anti-aging skincare, others are choosing pleasurable skincare products with visible and proven results! How can you make the right choice? How can you combine them both?

Wrinkles may be compared to the "scars of time" that bear witness to the aging process: PAYOT says STOP! And corrects wrinkles of all kinds! How? By acting on the entire wrinkle formation process via a dedicated range, Techni Liss: prevention and cell protection, tissue stimulation and reinforcement, surface repair and correction.

Offer your skin a global anti-aging action

Don't want to choose? Don't want to compromise? Your skin is showing the signs of time and you are looking for skincare combining an anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-dark spot, radiance and moisturising action. Then turn to the four Suprême Jeunesse skincare products for a comprehensive beauty routine that acts at the root of the problem by rearming the skin against the strain on its natural defences and helping cells to fight the attacks that they face all day long. 

Beyond anti-aging skincare

Finding the anti-aging skincare for you is of course essential, but taking everyday action to preserve your skin is indispensable. With the pace of life, diet, excess, etc., your skin's youthfulness requires constant care. So don't forget to prevent skin aging by moisturising your skin every day and following the anti-aging beauty secrets.