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The iconic PAYOT treatment created by the brand's founder Dr. Nadia Payot, the 42 steps signature tratment, stimulates the skin’s vital functions. 

A combination of unique movements and legendary expertise, the treatment includes 42 individual steps that stimulate the respiratory, muscular, lymphatic, vascular, and cutaneous systems.

Balancing, dynamic, extensive, rhythmic, and varying, the 42 steps signature tratment is like choreography performed on the face by the hands, creating a relaxing and destressing experience 

Ideal for

All skin types




The body and mind are rested and relaxed in a state of well-being.

The skin is firm and bright.

An instant firming effect on the skin. 

Star actives



The signature treatment for discovering Payot’s rich history. It also forms part of all of Payot's facial treatments: Les Essentiels Beauté, Les Absolus Beauté, and Le Suprême.

Beauty care program

Make-up removal using the Lait Micellaire Démaquillant or the Huile Fondante Démaquillante

42 steps signature tratment to promote respiratory, muscular, lymphatic, vascular, and cutaneous stimulation

Signature treatment adapted to your needs and your skin’s needs

Réveil en douceur, the ultimate deep and long-lasting relaxation and well-being experience

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