Le Suprême

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A 1.5 hour total anti-ageing treatment that works on all signs of ageing: wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, dullness, and age spots.

Several treatments involved in this comprehensive programme using the Suprême procedure: targeted bead exfoliation, the famous 42-step massage, a silver pigment mask — everything’s covered in this exceptional experience.

Ideal for

All skin types
Mature skin




Skin looks rejuvenated

The complexion is radiant and bright

Wrinkles, and age spots are visibly reduced, elasticity is visibly returned to the skin 

Star actives

Brown seaweed extract


Ulva lactuca


Hyaluronic acid

Sea buckthorn oil


Like all Suprême Jeunesse treatments, Le Suprême helps to combat attacks from internal and external free radicals, the principal causes of skin ageing.

Beauty care program

Skin assessment

Suprême Pre-treatment to relieve tension and eliminate stress and signs of fatigue using the Suprême procedure

Make-up removal using le Lait Micellaire Démaquillant or l'Huile Fondante Démaquillante

Suprême Exfoliation using a bead exfoliator and a smooth balm + D'Tox Mask for deep cleansing

42-step massage to promote respiratory, muscular, lymphatic, vascular, and cutaneous stimulation

Smoothing and regenerating Suprême Mask + hand massage / beauty prescription

Signature treatment to preserve natural beauty

Réveil en Suprême douceur, the ultimate deep and long-lasting relaxation and well-being experience

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