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Increase the effectiveness of your skincare with the Sculpting Facial Quartz Roller made from Pink Quartz stone, a Chinese skincare tool used for millennia, which provides a draining and stimulating massage.

The roller helps in particular to sculpt the face while firming tissue for visibly smoother skin and an improved skin texture. Its dual smooth and textured ends allow it to be used in varying intensities for a complete action.

Pink Quartz, which is renowned in crystal therapy for its soothing properties, provides a lifting and toning action and helps to improve the skin’s appearance.

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All skin types


Pink Quartz


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Your PAYOT beauty tip

Put the tool in the fridge for a few minutes for a decongesting effect or in warm water for a relaxing action.

Application ritual

Use for 1 to 5 min. on clean skin after applying an oil/serum.

The Application:

  1. Sculpt : With the smooth part. Smooth over the face working outwards and from bottom to top, starting with the neck, face contour, cheeks, dark circles, brow arches and forehead. 5 times on each side.
  2. Smooth :With the textured part, work in small vertical then horizontal smoothing movements back and forth, covering the entire cheek then the forehead.
  3. Drain : With the smooth part, place the roller on the temple. Smooth from the temple to the collarbone, following the face contour. 5 times on each side.

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