How to cleanse your skin properly?

How to cleanse your skin properly? Why? With what skincare? Discover all the secrets of cleansing by the book.
Beauty 101

There's no need to repeat it, make-up removal and cleansing are essential steps for all beautiful skin. In fact, taking care of your skin first of all involves granting it a moment every morning and evening to cleanse it from all impurities so that it can enjoy to the full all the products that you subsequently offer it. How do you cleanse your skin properly? Why? With what skincare? Discover all the secrets of cleansing by the book. 


Why cleanse your skin?

Make-up removal, an indispensable beauty step

Make-up removal and cleansing meet the skin's need to be cleansed and purified regularly. In fact, applying make-up or beauty products without thorough cleansing beforehand would be counterproductive, as the skin and its pores would retain impurities and encourage the appearance of minor blemishes and spots and accelerate skin aging.  

Do you often ask yourself if it is essential to cleanse your skin morning and evening? The answer is a big yes. Why? In the evening, make-up removal and cleansing seem obvious: with make-up, pollution, dust, etc., the skin needs to breathe and rid itself of the residue accumulated throughout the day.

And whether you wear make-up or not, don't go without cleansing your skin. Make-up is not the only element that your skin gets rid of in the evening; pollutants from our environment also suffocate your epidermis!  What's more, the massage that you can offer the muscles of your face, just like the oxygenation of your skin, are ingredients for more beautiful, glowing and younger skin. 

"Boosting the face, preventing it from falling asleep and becoming poisoned, bringing it to life; a real and rational workout is a must." N. –G. PAYOT

Morning and evening as a must

In the morning, the skin also needs to be cleansed from dust, traces of perspiration from the night before and the residues of your night cream. To gently cleanse and protect it without the risk of any damage to the skin, choose gentle products and active ingredients that are kind to your skin type. 


Which cleansers should you choose for your skin?

Cleansers for combination to oily skin

Combination to oily skin is skin that produces excess sebum. We recognise it due to its characteristic shine, primarily in the T-zone (nose, forehead, chin). For this skin, choose light, foaming textures that rinse off with water and are gentle on the epidermis; combination to oily skin fears overly abrasive products that irritate it.

Cleansers for combination to oily skin

Cleansers for dry to very dry skin

On the contrary, dry skin is lacking in sebum because it does not produce enough. It is therefore important to provide it with a little comfort with richer, more luscious products and milk, balm or cream cleansers.

Micellar waters are popular. Containing micelles with the ability to attach themselves to the impurities found on the skin's surface. Micelles are being introduced into our skincare and allowing waters to transform into highly effective cleansers and make-up removers. For sensitive skin, choose fragrance-free PAYOT Eau Dermo-Micellaire; turn to Eau Micellaire Purifiante for combination to oily skin.

And what about micellar waters in all of this?

Cleansed skin is:

  • Less dull, better oxygenated

  • More receptive to skincare (creams, serums, fluids, masks)

  • Younger for longer

What is the purpose of lotion?

Lotion or toner is sometimes the forgotten step in the cleansing and make-up removal routine. Yet, Lotion Tonique Fraîcheur completes cleansing by removing the residue left by hard water, while offering an instant refreshing effect and a micro-exfoliating action for a guaranteed healthy glow.

However, don't forget that toner does not replace a cleanser or make-up remover!