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Crème N°2

A truly cult product, Crème n°2 is the second care product formulated by Dr Nadia Payotalmost a century ago. From this legendary product loved by several generations, comes an authentic and bold skincare line dedicated to emotional skin, based on the heritage of Doctor expertise and sensorial experience, the signature of the PAYOT brand.

Crème n°2 offers a complete range of expert skincare adapted to the lifestyles of women today : goodbye redness, tingling and itching !

Crème Riche Dermo-Apaisante

Nourishing, comforting cream

Eau Dermo-Micellaire

Cleansing micellar water with soft cleansing agents

Masque Dermo-Apaisant

Repairing and comforting care

Gel Yeux Dermo-Apaisant

Anti-puffiness comforting gel

Crème n°2 Eau Lactée Micellaire

Harmonising soothing cleanser

Crème n°2 L'Essentielle

Soothing and comforting balm

Crème N°2 CC Cream

Anti-redness correcting care SPF50+

Crème N°2 L'Originale

Anti-irritant, anti-redness treatment care

Crème N°2 Cachemire

Anti-redness anti-stress soothing rich care

Crème N°2 Nuage

Anti-redness anti-stress soothing care