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Pâte Grise

A treatment method:
3 products that have inherited the expertise of Doctor Nadia Payot, for all skin types affected by occasional small blemishes.

Daily skincare:
5 purifying, mattifying and unclogging products, specially designed for combination to oily skin.

Pâte Grise L'Originale

Emergency anti-imperfections care

Spéciale 5

Drying and purifying gel

Pâte Grise Expert Points Noirs

Blocked-pores unclogging care

Pâte Grise Crème Matifiante Velours

Moisturising matifying care

Pâte Grise Eau Purifiante

Perferting two-phase lotion

Pâte Grise Gelée Nettoyante

Perfecting foaming gel

Pâte Grise Masque Charbon

Ultra-absorbent mattifying care

Stick Couvrant Pâte Grise

Purifying concealer with shale extract

Pâte Grise Crème Purifiante

Anti-imperfections purifying care