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Say goodbye to tightness, a rough skin texture and sensations of discomfort. Payot’s highly nourishing products intensely replenish the skin’s lipid levels and reinforce its protective barrier against external aggressions. Face and body are soothed, regaining softness and natural beauty./p>




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Does your face feel taut? Are your lips chapped? Do your legs look like they belong to a crocodile? There's no doubt about it: your skin is dry, maybe very dry. The hydrolipidic film lacks sebum to be able to perform its job as a protective barrier against external aggressions. Whether this is a passing phase or a constant concern, our nourishing skincare products have the solution to help restore your comfort and well-being.

The rich, generous textures of our oils, balms and creams are ideal for dry to very dry skin. Choose a gentle cleanser to avoid causing further damage to the hydrolipidic film. Crème Démaquillante Jeunesse rids the epidermis of impurities and envelops it in a soothing cocoon with orange blossom floral water. Next, turn towards a nourishing product suited to your skin’s requirements. Crème Confort Nutricia nourishes deep down. Don’t forget your hands and lips, areas that are especially susceptible to drying out, since the skin is thinner there than on the rest of the body.

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