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Specifically designed to meet the needs of male skin, our men’s range offers incredibly effective, multi-purpose products that are easy to use. An optimised routine for impeccable results.

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Specifically designed for the male epidermis, the Optimale men’s skincare range cleanses, hydrates, and energises skin on a daily basis. It adapts to men’s specific beauty requirements to give them everything their faces and bodies need. The high-performance, multi-purpose products provide a minimalist, all-encompassing, easy-to-apply routine. Optimale 3-in-1 Face Care hydrates, energises, and protects skin from pollution and external aggressions. Designed for use as a day and/or night cream, it contains mineral-based ingredients for targeted action. Also discover Gel Nettoyant, Déodorant and the Coffret Optimale set.

Optimale’s fluid and fresh, non-greasy textures leave a pleasant scent on the skin with masculine, woody notes. The very convenient sizes of our men’s face and body products can be taken anywhere and are perfect for travel.