Gym Beauté Payot® in spas and beauty salons

Gym Beauté Payot® Signature, Active & Intense start each ritual in our spas and beauty salons. These expert massage techniques help you to relax and prepare the skin to take on the treatment.

For the face, you can choose between the Gym Beauté Payot® Signature relaxing or the Gym Beauté Payot® Active invigorating movements. For the body, Gym Beauté Payot® Intense offers an overall invigorating massage. Gym Beauté in spas and salons combines natural facialist techniques for an ultra-personalised response to the needs of any skin type.

Gym Beauté Payot® Signature

A relaxing face massage, Gym Beauté Payot® Signature works deeply on the skin muscles to relax and drain where needed. 

This unique choreography of precise motions manually stimulates key points on the face for a long-lasting rebalancing effect.

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