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The Gym Beauté Payot®




1 minute a day is all it takes to say bye-bye to fine lines and re-condition your face. The secret ? The Gym Beauté Payot® in association with Jocelyne Rolland, a physical therapist and pilates instructor.

Before you start

This facial coaching is ultra-simple and designed for beauties in a hurry. Ready? Let's get started!

First of all, we advise you to follow this little beauty ritual twice a day. Each morning, you wake up your face still numb from sleep; each evening, you release the muscular tensions accumulated during the day. You can also practice it throughout the day, anywhere, anytime: in the office, on the subway, in the car, etc. The result? Radiant, fresh skin at any time of the day.

Before you begin:

1. Thoroughly cleanse your face before applying a serum and then a day or night cream.

2. Sit comfortably in your favorite chair or armchair. The most important thing is to sit upright, with your feet flat on the ground and your head held high.

3. Lower your shoulders, stretch as if you were sitting under a chair, take a deep breath and go!

Each mimic is repeated three times before moving on to the next.

We start by erasing the fine lines around the lips. To do this, we make a horizontal, rectangular mouth and we lengthen the mouth by blowing. Be careful not to squint or tense the jaws.

We erase the crow's feet and the ugly bags under the eyes. It's very simple: you open your eyes wide and round while breathing out without wrinkling your forehead.

Smooth the wrinkles of the forehead. You open your mouth, breathe in and lower your eyebrows without lowering your neck.

We plump up the wrinkles of the forehead. To do this, we imitate the paws of a cat by using the pulp of four fingers to start from the forehead and slide towards the temples while exhaling.

We make the butterfly: we catch the head of the eyebrow between the thumb and the index and we slide towards the outside of the eyebrow before spreading the thumb to smooth the crow's feet.

We erase the jowls, and we smooth the chin. We loosen the lips, we press the tip of the tongue on the palate behind the teeth while blowing. In short, we become snake.

We tone up the eye contour. Let's play the owl. We place our fingers on the eyebrows and on the top of the cheekbones. One maintains the eyes quite open, one closes it by blowing.

We erase the wrinkles of bitterness with the turtle. It's very simple: you breathe in and pull your lips in, moving your lower jaw forward to tighten the skin of your chin while blowing well.

One plumps up the contour of the lips by imitating Bubulle the goldfish. We breathe in and place our mouth in a vertical oval, we try to open as much as possible by blowing.

And finally, we tone the neck with a legendary Big Smile! We inhale and make a wide smile that engages the corners of the mouth to the neck. Can you feel the results already? After 3 weeks, your features will be enhanced, contours redefined and wrinkles smoothed.