Cups de massage
Cups de massage

Lifting beauty tool

Cups de massage

Boost your usual beauty routine with the Smoothing Face Cups, a pair of suction cups that help to improve the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, the cups are used to preserve the skin’s youthful appearance. The massage cups will help you to sculpt your face and tone your skin.

This kit contains 2 massage cups for the face:

- One large cup for a draining action

- One small one for smoothing wrinkles

Made from silicone.

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The Application:

  1. Drain the skin using the large cup. Pinch the cup to expel the air. Place it onto the skin and release the pressure (the skin should bulge out inside the cup). Pinch the cup again to lift it away. Repeat the technique over the neck and face contour.
  2. Smooth the skin using the small cup. On all visible wrinkles, pinch the cup to release the air. Place the cup onto the wrinkle then release the pressure from inside. Slide the cup along the entire wrinkle. Take off the cup by pinching it again.


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Cups de massage