Papiers Matifiants
Papiers Matifiants


Papiers Matifiants

Discover the “Emergency anti-shine” Pâte Grise papiers matifiants. A magical, handy and discreet product that absorbs excess sebum and instantly mattifies the skin.

You will love its charming holder, with its individual sheets, to slip into any bag so that you can keep going all day long.


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The product allows the skin to stay clear: 84%*

Skin is instantly mattified: 91%*

The complexion is unified: 78%*

The product absorbs excess sebum: 94%*

*Satisfaction test carried out on 32 people after 1 application.


Press your mattifying sheet gently on the T-zone in case of shine.

made in france
clean beauty

The Payot tip

Slip your pouch of mattifying papers into your bag, neither seen nor known, and your shine disappears!

Papiers Matifiants