Beauty in Motion

Payot, the combination of care and gesture

Payot is THE French facialist brand guaranteeing beauty and well-being results by combining products and movement. We go beyond simply applying beauty products. We combine targeted active ingredients with movement for a unique beauty experience.

We believe in beauty as a living thing

Our rituals adapt to the skin’s varied needs and respond to its constant evolution. Far from a prescriptive selection of manufactured products, our rituals cultivate and enhance the uniqueness of each face. As a brand our goal is to care for and support women towards a sincere, authentic beauty routine that's all about simplicity.

We believe in beauty in motion

Literally. Unlike the body, the face needs stimulation to preserve its youth and vitality. So we created Gym Beauté Payot®, a series of simple, precise gestures to carry out as a complement to your beauty routine.  

This extraordinary exercise boosts the benefits of the active ingredients in our products. 

Self-massage on specific areas, applying products a certain way, accessories to enhance the movement and even complete professional treatments at spas and beauty salons come together to create a unique, personalised, effective beauty ritual.