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Payot, beauty expertise

Nadia Payot, one of the first women to become a doctor at the start of the 20th century, considers beauty as an emancipation tool for women.

In 1920, she created a beauty brand and gave it her name. Payot.

Payot, neo-apothecary skincare, resulting from the synergy between the intelligence of Nature and scientific innovation, to reinvent the skin.


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Nature is constantly changing to adjust to its environment. It is in this perpetual movement and search for harmony that we draw our inspiration. We innovate and create skincare products that respond to the skin's need to adapt: the passage of time, emotions, pollution, climate change. 

We use our knowledge of plants to select and sustainably extract natural ingredients that offer our skin their extraordinary powers. 

Our integrated laboratory creates this unique alchemy between natural extracts and reference cosmetic molecules, for high performance and perfect affinity with the skin. 

The art of PAYOT formulation is also a cutting-edge galenic expertise that invents infinite sensorialities in the service of effectiveness.

Combining treatments and actions

A pioneer in the industry, Nadia Payot is shaking up the traditional approach to beauty. She offers a more holistic vision where skin, body and inner well-being form a lasting whole. A symbol of this philosophy, Gym Beauté Payot®: is a series of precise movements to stimulate the skin and enhance the action of beauty products. These expert movements use professional facialist techniques and are also carried out in our spas and beauty salons. 

The iconic Gym Beauté Payot®: massage has been given a new twist by famous face yoga instructor Sylvie Lefranc with the co-creation of Gym Beauté Specilaistes, proving it is still at the forefront of beauty.