The Payot experience in spas and beauty salons

Every woman is unique and constantly evolving. So Payot has developed personalised, authentic, beauty rituals to meet your needs and desires.

Gym Beauté PayotⓇ

An inimitable gesture opens each face and body ritual: the iconic Gym Beauté Payot®. This extraordinary exercise prepares the skin to reap the benefits of the treatments to come. A precise, dexterous movement that works at the heart of the skin’s structure, activating deep muscles. 

This combination of expert movements targets and stimulates key areas for an intensely relaxing and regenerating effect. Gym Beauté Payot®: takes you away from it all in one exceptional moment as you give in to total relaxation.

Special Experiences

Special Experiences add an original, holistic dimension to our treatment menu. A range of options that can be infinitely combined, an additional 15 minutes to spend on the body area of your choice. Special Experiences are carried out with the help of expert accessories to prolong your soothing moment of Payot well-being, bringing your spa or beauty salon session to a fabulous close.