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The Hair & Scalp beauty gym



Co-created with Sylvie Lefranc, French facialist, the Hair & Scalp Beauty GYM is a combination of relaxing and stimulating maneuvers to activate microcirculation, soothe the nervous system and promote hair growth.

Run your hands under the hair, letting them slide down from the temples so that you can frame the scalp with your fingers toward the top of the head. Take a deep breath and move in gentle, circular motions of fingers and palms over the entire scalp.

Then place the fingertips of both hands in a hook along the hairline, the little fingers meeting in the middle of the forehead. While breathing deeply, make circular movements with your fingertips. x6

Then gently stretch the hairline upward. x1

Place the thumbs on the ears so that the middle fingers meet at the top of the head. Gently massage this point with the tip of one of the middle fingers in small circular motions. x6

Place the tips of the four fingers on the occiput, and the tips of the thumbs in the hollows under the occiput, on either side of the cervical spine. Make circular movements with the tips of your thumbs on these points. x6

Use deep circular motions with hooked fingers all over the scalp.

Place fingertips in a hook pattern on either side of the center hairline. On the exhale, bring the fingertips together as if to pinch the scalp between the fingers. Repeat this movement all along the line up to the occiput. x1 pinch per area

Repeat this movement on two lines of the scalp, aligned with the middle of the pupil. x1 pinch per zone

Place fingertips in a hook along the hairline, make a deep smoothing from the hairline to the occiput. x2

Dermatologically tested effectiveness

Hair is beautiful & shiny 88%*

The scalp is purified & stimulated 94%*

The massage is relaxing & offers a moment of well-being 100%*


*Test d’usage réalisé sur 31 volontaires. Application 2 fois par semaine pendant 4 semaines, test réalisé avec le Shampoing biome-friendly. % de volontaires ayant perçu l’effet.

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