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Gua sha gestures




Targeted maneuvers for lymphatic drainage of the entire face, smoothing expression lines and lifting the face.

Nourish your skin beforehand, ideally with an oil, then place the Gua Sha under hot water.

- Place the heart shape of the Gua Sha under the right ear, sliding along the vertical part of the lower jaw. X2 vibrations 

- Under the right ear and slide down the vertical part along the neck to the collarbone. X2 vibrations

- In the middle of the chin, heart shape inwards so as to place the oval of your face between the wings. Move up along the lower jaw to under the right ear. The left hand will anchor as soon as the Gua Sha has gone around the chin. X2 vibrations

- Vertically, the heart shape inwards towards the mouth, the long flat part upwards. Making sure to pass under the cheekbone, let the Gua Sha slide from the mouth to the ear. The left hand anchors to the right of the corner of the mouth. X2 vibrations

- Horizontally, with the heart shape inwards towards the nose, the long flat part upwards, in order to place the cheekbone in the angle of the Gua Sha. Let it slide around the cheekbone to the right temple. The left hand anchors to the right of the nostrils. X2 vibrations

- Horizontally, the heart shape faces the center of the eyebrows, with the long flat part up, to place the eyebrow bone in the corner of the Gua Sha. Let it slide along the brow bone to the right temple. The left hand comes to anchor at the head of the eyebrow. X2 vibrations

- Horizontally in the middle of the forehead, heart towards the center. Smooth the forehead toward the temple by anchoring with the left hand on the forehead, then rotate the Gua Sha on edge and move down the right side of the face before placing the long part flat under the ear and moving down the neck to the collarbone. X2 vibrations

- The Gua Sha can also be used as a "magic eraser" on all expression lines (horizontal forehead wrinkles, frown lines, lip lines).

- One of the sides (the one most adapted to the morphology and the area) is placed at right angles to the face in the same direction as the expression wrinkle and while holding the tissues with the free hand, make small back and forth movements perpendicular to the direction of the expression wrinkle. X10

To be performed on firm and elastic skin to avoid weakening the tissues. 

Place the Gua Sha flat under the right collarbone, and with gentle pressure and the Gua Sha as flat as possible, move up the neck, around the lower jaw and up to under the cheekbone giving you the sensation of being able to lift the lower part of the face with the movement. The anchoring of the left hand at the level of the clavicles is very light so as not to hold the musculature of the face downwards. X6

Dermatologically tested effectiveness

Grâce à la gestuelle :

La peau est éclatante 72%*
La peau parait tonifiée 79%*

Un massage stimulant favorisé 88%*


*Test d’usage réalisé sur 43 volontaires. Gestuelles effectuées 1 fois par jour pendant 28 jours, % de volontaires ayant perçu l’effet.

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