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A committed brand, Payot offers responsible beauty that respects the planet and women.

Payot is committed to providing you with cleanly effective products, enriched with quality active ingredients, without compromising on sensoriality.


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Victorine Beauté
Amazing serum that gives fresh;radiant and plump look; skin is fresh and moisturized. Formula is light and absorbs quickly into the skin reducing fine lines and giving glow without any shine effect; just that - oh your skin looks amazing - kind of glow. I am using it with day cream from the same line and my skin look unified and amazing; I do not need any foundation after this line! Have had many compliments since I am using Payot on how my skin looks clean and amazing.
Mia Kostelac
This is the greatest smelling thing ever! The way it smells is just so relaxing and amazing.
Kristina Miteva
ce soin apaisant; protecteur; teinté; permet à la peau de retrouver son confort; et son bien être de plus grace à sa texture "caméléon\
Almost magical results: plumps; refines; visibly reduces wrinkles; superb for fine lines; very fresh smooth look to the skin after 10 days use days and the night creme nights.
pamela Dennison
This paste is very effective for acne or those who suffer breakouts. Usually I apply it every night and cover it with plaster . It is very economical because you just need a tiny bit amount of it for each pimples. And if i have a pusfilled acne; I normally prick it and put the paste and viola! My acne turns dry the day after and no trace of scars afterwards! (I know its now advisable to prick pimples.) I hope this review would be helpful espcially those who has been experiencing the same problem as mine.
Katie Ham
I love this crème! I have used it for years. Why can’t I buy it in the U.S.?
Terry Bogle