The Gym beauté Payot® at home

Gym Beauté Payot® tutorials

At Payot we have put our facialist expertise to work and created a range of Gym Beauté sessions and professional movements that you can carry out at home and adapt to your skin’s needs. Firstly, the original Gym Beauté Payot®, created of course by Nadia Payot.

This series of 11 playful movements softens the strong muscles and strengthens the weaker ones to rebalance the face. Just 1 minute a day can help prevent wrinkles and expression lines and maintain the skin’s radiance. Next, Gym Beauté Payot® Specialistes, co-created with the famous face yoga teacher, Sylvie Lefranc. These face routines work alongside Payot products and boost their effectiveness. Take your beauty routine up a notch with these quick and easy movements.

Lastly, Face Moving. Inspired by ancient traditions, Payot beauty accessories enhance and complement the application techniques for our products, maximising their benefits. They allow for optimum product absorption and stimulate energy points on the face.